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All Rounder Tooth Paste (100g)

CavigoAll Rounder Toothpaste packed with 13 active ayurvedic ingredients that keep your entire dental problem away. This toothpaste is packed with:
  • ·         PodinaSatva provides freshness in mouth and breath.
  • ·         TomaBeej works as antiseptic and antibacterial.
  • ·         Lavang Oil relieves toothache.
  • ·         Prevents gum bleeding.
  • ·         Prevents gum swelling.
  • ·         Decrease hypersensitivity to hot and cold.
  • ·         Size- 100gms.

Cavigo Advance Tooth Brush

  • Very soft bristles.
  • Very smooth on teeth.
  • Best durability.
  • Soft grip handle.
  • Specially designed to clean teeth.
  • Flexible.

Cavigo Herbal Tooth Paste (100g)

Cavigo Herbal Toothpaste is made of rare herbs that have been shown to have great effect on oral health and hygiene.A unique feature of this toothpaste is that the herbal parts are highly concentrated and readily soluble in saliva.

Cavigo Smiles Tooth Brush

Cavigo Smiles Tooth Brush

Ciona Body Lotion(200ml)


Ciona Body Lotion(200ml)

Ciona Moisturizing Soap(100g)


Ciona Moisturizing Soap(100g)

Ciona Summer Refreshing Lotion(200ml)

Ciona Summer Refreshing Lotion(200ml)

Det-Maxx Soap (100g)


We specialize in manufacturing Det-maxxAntiseptic Soap. This product caters to varied requirements of residential places and hospitals, used to keep the germs and have anti-bacterial property away.