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Ciona Body Lotion(200ml)


Ciona Body Lotion(200ml)

Ciona Summer Refreshing Lotion(200ml)

Ciona Summer Refreshing Lotion(200ml)

Nysa Foot Cream

NYSA Foot Cream moisturizes and exfoliates rough dry skin. It smoothens & heals cracked feet and is enriched with fresh pleasant aroma that refreshes and relaxes. Gentle enough for daily use and makes feet soft and nourished.

Nysa Lip Care

NYSA Lip Care- active essentials balm nourishes and soothes with essential moisturizer.
NYSA Lip Care is a specially formulated balm typically used to alleviate conditions such as dry, irritated, flaky or cracked skin. It helps to soothe and protect lips affected by cold sores, chapping and dryness.

Nysa Soflene

NYSA Soflene Petroleum Jelly-Made with 100% pure Petroleum Jelly.
  • Heals dryness from skin.
  • Best for your sensitive skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine, dry lines.
  •  Helps protect minor cuts.
  •  Protects your skin from windburn and chapping.

Pain Go

Pain Go takes care of back pain, strains, sprains, fatigue and stress. The goodness of powerful Nilgiri Oil penetrates deep inside to help your recover fast. This famous instant pain relief ointment is enriched with special herbs such as Nilgiri oil, Ganghpura oil, kapoor, Ajwain and Phudina ka phool takes care of your pain more swiftly.