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Key Soul Safe and Long (XXL)

Key Soul Safe and Long is a 6 pc pack sanitary napkin with anion chip and 7 layer protection. It has super absorbent power and comfort all day and night. 1 st Layer: Topsheet - Cottony Soft Cotton Surface 2 nd Layer: Woven Cloth Anion Chip 3 rd Layer: Airlaid paper (Tissue Paper) 4 th Layer: Safe Super Absorbent Polymer (effectively blocks the water more than ten times, keep dry) 5 th Layer: PE breathable leak-proof bottom layer 6 th Layer: Adhesive glue release paper (Specially designed back adhesive which conforms to human ergonomics)

Keysoul XL Ultra-Thin With Wings ( 7 Pads )

  • ADL – Acquisition distribution layer
  • Cottony soft top sheet gives you soft, comfortable feel
  • Wings that wrap the pad securely around your panty so you do not worry about side leakage.
  • Odour control system helps prevent odour and keeps you feeling fresh
  • Made for heavy flow period days that absorb more


  • Cottony Soft Cover: So soft and cottony feeling, all you need is to relax.
  • Super Absorb Design: Raised Center with Deep Channels that give superior protection.
  • Perfect smooth surface (gives you more comfort)
  • Biodegradable Fluff Pulp (avoid moisture and heat: keeps you fresh)
  •    Specially designed release paper (helps you fix easily)